A.M.E. Metals, Inc.
103 Keswick Court
Amherst, Ohio 44001

US Phone: (440) 985-3749
US Fax: (440) 985-1654

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A.M.E. Metals, Inc. specializes in continuous cast, centrifugal cast, sand casting of all copper alloys, oil impregnated sintered bronze, finished machine parts and continuous cast iron bar products. Power transmission, fluid transport, aerospace, drilling, shipbuilding along with the general manufacturing sector have profited from the reliability and economy of our products.

We market worldwide through direct sales. Our sales office can assist in rapid deliveries to both the east and west coast for ease of export to Europe, Asia and South America.

Our qualified support team and metallurgical expertise can assist you with the design of bronze components and proper alloy selection. We can save you money in research, design and production.

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